Professional Makeup Artist Bhawna Specializing In:

Weddings, Special Events, Photo Shoots, Video, Print & TV

Makeup Artistry by Bhawna

Professional & Licensed Makeup Artist
Weddings • Bridal Parties • Special Events • Print • TV

An IndoAustralian Makeup Artist, IndoAustralian haha.. means born in India and settled in Australia, Bhawna, with over 15 yrs. in the Beauty industry, is highly skilled and experienced in expert makeup application for TV, Video shoots, Formals, Corporate, Bridal & Special Events.

For her learning is an ongoing process, you never know all. In fashion industry, you always have something new to learn. She also has contributed to Makeup/Skin Care articles & tutorials published online and in newspapers. Her goal is to make every woman in the world feel beautiful about themselves. Be your own kind of beautiful. <3

What We Do

Healthy Skin

In today’s busy life, no one has time to look after their skin. We all are running in some sort of a race. Well I am not going to talk about how to live your life or time management, really, my main motive for this topic is just to spread the awareness that how easy it is to achieve a healthy skin, with mere effort.


“Hair is a woman’s glory.” Glory, self-worth, social assent, and beauty are all tangled up in every woman’s hair…


Makeup is fun, it’s an art which gives you an extensive ego boost, heightens and intensifies your features. Makeup is a good experiment that helps us to hold everything fresh like clothing and hairstyles;

My Work Can Be Seen On:

• Social media ,  TV Shows and Commercials  • Corporate Videos for Major Corporations throughout AU

• Hundreds of Brides throughout Australia

On Location

On Location Services Provided – On the event day I travel to you if needed. Travel charges will be applied according to the distance.

On & Off Camera

This Australian Makeup Artist provide Flawless Airbrush Makeup effect  for “picture perfect” results both on and off camera


  • Bhawna the indian goddess has delivered exceptional beauty skills with both hair and make up. Her skills really showed what a make up artist can really do. I love how she wants to make the individual feel super comfortable in their own skin. Thats what makes a great artist. She is a very humble individual that leaves the individual feeling a million dollars (she’s great at that). I absolutely recommend her to anyone who wants to be treated with respect, comfortableness and beautiful.

    ‎Belma Jusic‎
  • This is jasmin. This has been long overdue but i wanted to thank you on the amazing makeup job you had done for my wedding and reception. Could not have asked for anything better. You remained dedicated, passionate and professional the whole time. Will be recommending you to anyone seeking makeup services. Thank you one again! 😁

    ‎Gurminder Saro‎
  • I cannot thank Bhawna enough for the amazing transformation she did on both my mum and myself. Our make up and hair were done beautifully and stayed on all night.

    Bhawna is absolutely gorgeous, both inside and out. Her experienced in beauty is amazing and I will certainly be calling her again.

    Gaby Loh‎
  • Thankyou so much for making my quincenera so special , my hair looked so amazing i absolutely loved it! I got so many compliments on it .And of course my eyebrows were looking extra awesome because of you! Such a beautiful woman you are😘 I can’t wait for my next appointment with you !

    Stephanie Fuentès‎
  • For me it was very big desicion to choose a hair and makeup artist for my wedding but I been lucky enough to choose u for my wedding u r not only best artist but a beautiful person too .u make me feel spacial and now I got someone who I can recommend to my family and frds for their spacial events u r amazing ,talented,passionate ,experience artist .wanna say thank u again for ur excellent job love u soooooo much stay blessed and very best wishes for ur work

    Raj Kumari‎
  • Thank you so much to this gorgeous lady for fixing my hair! After a home touch up gone wrong she has completely transformed my hair from a dark purple to lovely pink locks 🙂 I am super happy with how everything turned out 🙂 thank you again!

    Nisha Gabrielle Fernandez‎
  • Heyyy Bhawna, just wanted to say a big thank you for the makeover u gave me, i absolutely loved it, it was soo natural and just how i wanted it to be, even the hair was done spectacularly, abig big big thankyou aand i shall defo recommend u to any ladies that are getting married, the staff is so friendly and makes everyone feel comfortable xxxxxxxx

    ‎Hareem Sohail‎
  • Thank you Bhawna D for the amazing service that you provided for myself. All my friends and most importantly my husband (very concerned man about my makeup) appreciated your work. I couldn’t have been happier. You have a wonderful eye for colour and you respectfully listen to the requests.
    Even though you were very sick, you didn’t stepback and took your client (me) as your priority. I’d say that you are a true professional and have passion for your work. I hope you’ll feel better soon and keep up the good work ❤️💃🏻👸🏻
    #Ihighlyrecommendthismakeupartist 👸🏻❤️

    ‎Máñprêêt Müttï‎
    This was the first time i had my make up done professionally. Definitely major for me as it was my sister’s engagement. This woman represents my ideals of what beauty should encompass. She payed attention to detail in the look that i wanted and did everything i asked for in my look without hesitation. Without her , this event would have been very stressful for me as my mother was not present but she went the extra mile and helped me with dress also. Ladies, i highly recommend using this woman in the special events that take place in your life as she definitely made mine special . Thanks a lot ❤️❤️

    Mahum Faisal‎
  • My first time having makeup done by Bhawna on my daughter’s first birthday. It was beautiful i luved it and everybody asked me where did i go for my makeup. Everybody said i look totally different. I couldn’t recognise myself when i saw in the mirror. She gave me good advice about makeup. She talked me through everything she put on my face and made sure i was happy with it before i left. She was lovely, very friendly, she was super helpful and she will remember you even you don’t go to her often. Look forward to see you again.I have no words to say thank you very much Bhawna for good service

    Sandhu Meet‎
  • I cannot begin to express my gratitude for your beautiful makeup artistry at my special day. You made me feel special and beautiful. Everyone raved about what a wonderful job you did .

    It amazes me how you can come in and know exactly what a person needs—even though you’ve never seen them before. You are a true talent! Thanks heapsss😍😇

    Sunanda N S Dhama‎
  • Thank you bhavna for the flawless hair and make up! It stayed on all day, and it was well suited to the outdoor Sunday Wedding

    ‎Amanda Pavokovic‎
  • Hey beautiful lady! Thank you so much for fitting my Mother in law and niece in yesterday, they are so happy with their brows and don’t know what they will do without you when they are back in Tassie! You’re amazing! #browsonpoint 😍👌🏼❤️💋

    Tegan Carr‎
  • Thanks Bhawna 😊😊
    Really learn a lot abut makeup
    Amazing class and beautiful teacher 😍😍😉😉

    Kinder Ansh‎

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