Makeup is fun, it’s an art which gives you an extensive ego boost, heightens and intensifies your features. Makeup is a good experiment that helps us to hold everything fresh like clothing and hairstyles; Makeup too is an ever-evolving part of fashion. Today, Makeup has become an essential part of our lives.  Even everyone knew that Makeup is an art of enhancing one’s features rather than a just choice of colours or hide the face. Bhawna says “My style of makeup is minimal gorgeous makeup where I work towards a flawless, dewy face with importance on the eyes.

Bhawna believe that every girl has individual features which are absolutely pretty, attractive and graceful. Her main approach in makeup is bringing out the best features of her clients and delivering them a beautiful version of their own selves. Bridal makeup is Bhawna’s forte and she follow a subtle yet modern style to understand what her brides want and she always try to give them something unique; something they have never imagined or assumed but make them feel comfortable at the same time. She has all the abilities to bring the best out of people’s features and seeing her clients smile after the makeover. Her client’s smile is her real reward, she says!

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